Glass and Mirror Splashbacks

Quality Splashbacks on the Sunshine Coast

Splashbacks are a popular finish to any area, there are no restrictions on where you can have a splashback installed. Lakeside Glass and Aluminium Pty Ltd can help you with your colour choice or glass type decision making process.

Why Choose a Glass Splashback?

  • Easy to clean
  • Many different colour choices and material options (see below)
  • Lots of different processing options (see below)
  • Seamless, stylish, elegant finish to any area
  • Heat resistant, can be placed behind stove, cook top or BBQ area
  • Can be used as a whiteboard, surfaces easily wipes clean when a non-permanent marker is used


Glass Splashback Processing Options

Generally, your splashback will be on 6mm glass with a flat polished edge finish, and can be toughened for safety and durability for the heat that it may encounter being behind a stove top or oven.

There will be circumstances where you will be unable to toughen pieces due to their size as warping may occur. Your splashback can have power point cut outs (GPO’s), corner cut outs, circular cut outs as examples to mould to your desired area (see images below).

Splashback Material Options:

Clear Float Glass
Clear float glass comes with a green tint, this is due to the iron oxide content found naturally in the raw materials used to produce this product.

  • With clear float glass the thicker the clear float glass the more prominent the green tinge will be.
  • When the size of the clear float glass increases as a result so does the colour of the green/black edge.
  • When looking front-onto a piece of clear float glass it may look clear to the eye, but once turned on its side the green tinge is very visible.
  • Although clear float is the cheaper option we would not recommend using it for your splashback, due to the colour distortion it can cause once painted.
  • Clear float glass has a lower light transmission rate, this means the amount of external light that passes through the glass.
  • Clear float glass can be toughened, laminated, cut and painted.

Ultra Clear & Starphire Glass
Ultra clear and Starphire low-iron float glass deliver a clarity that can't really be compared to the standard clear float glass.

  • Elevates natural light in a space.
  • Contains less than 1⁄10 of the iron present in typical clear glass.
  • Keep its distinctive clear colour all the way to the edges.
  • When painted this glass projects clear vibrant colours true to that of the colour chosen.
  • Can be used in showers, office partitions, staircases, splashback's to produce clarity in a space.
  • This glass type can also be toughened, laminated, cut and painted just like normal float glass.


Other Splashback Materials Options
Other splashback materials that can be made to create a unique look are normal, bronze, grey mirror, desert sand obscure and other patterned glass.

Mirrorgaurd Splashback       Desert Sand Splashback


Splashback Colour and Warranty Information

Splashback colour choice, everyone has an idea usually of what type of colour they wish for their splashback to be, you can select any Dulux colour from their paint range.

Having a splashback installed is a big deal, if you would like a sample of the colour on float / ultra clear glass please inquire as this is an option LSGA offer *charges apply.

If you order your glass splashbacks in 6mm Starphire Lakeside Glass & Aluminium Pty Ltd offer a lifetime warranty we will guarantee the paint from colour fade and peeling for life. Terms and Condition's apply*

If ordered in Ultra Clear, Clear, Desert Sand or Mirrorguard we will guarantee the paint from colour fade and peeling for 10 years. Terms and Condition's apply*


Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Glass Splashback

  • There may be a colour difference between the toughened and non toughened pieces.
  • Try to stick to toughened or non-toughened if possible.
  • Always order all pieces together as different batches of processed glass may have a slight colour variation.
  • Make sure you buy your splashbacks from a reputable seller there are many online companies selling low cost pieces however the quality may not be up to standard
  • Make sure you sample the colour you are looking to proceed with prior to purchasing.
  • The minimum height toughened piece of glass needs to be at least 100mm high.

With fully qualified estimators and installers we guarantee you will be satisfied with your splashback from start to end.