Window & Door Servicing

Do your doors and windows need some TLC? LSGA can help, we specialise in bringing old windows and doors back to excellent working order.

Our prices are very competitive, we take the time & care to restore your product. LSGA will have your door or window working like new in no time.



Included in the service:
  • Strike and Strikeplate - inspection, adjustments
  • Interlock - inspection, adjustments
  • New door or window rollers
  • Sill tracks cleaned out and silicon sprayed
  • Key & locking mechanism - inspection, adjustments
  • Sash - inspection, adjustments & corrections
  • Re-meshing of existing fly-screens (does not include security screen mesh)
We can also install missing door & window  parts like:
  • Interlocks
  • Security screens
  • Replacement Flyscreens
  • Sweeps - An energy-efficient, weather-resistant weatherstripping system at the bottom of the door that forms a seal against air and water infiltration between the door and the sill.

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